The Footprint of Technology

Some of the greatest racers from F1®, NASCAR® and the NHRA® depend on Oakley footwear. So do members of the U.S. Elite Special Forces. But our footwear isn’t just for people whose lives depend on their gear. You’ll find it on some of the best golfers in the world. And on anyone with the style and bile to push the limits of possibility.

Our sandals set the standard for quality and comfort with styles that are equally at home on the beach or on the town.
Our golf shoes provide the perfect combination of comfort and stability gives you better swing control for more consistent hitting power.
Our military boots are designed in collaboration with elite fighting units, our tactical footwear takes performance to a new level.
Outdoor Performance
Our outdoor shoes have incorporated military technologies to create versatile solutions for every outdoor enthusiast.
Our motorsport shoes match performance with fire protection used by some of the fastest racers on earth.